Repair times, Time to repair my vehicle:

*How long will it take to repair my vehicle?

*Why does it seem to take so long to repair my car?

*How are repair times calculated?

In this post we discuss how repair times are calculated and highlight some points to help you understand repair times.

We will begin with an over view of a basic Industry standard formula used.
The shop or Insurance company will take the total number of labor hours that are on a repair estimate and divide that number by 4 or 5, and round it to the nearest number, this will give the total number “estimated” days required to repair your vehicle.

Keep in mind this number does not include weekends, holidays, the time it will take for the parts to arrive dry time for primers, paints or additional damage that may be found once the repairs begin.

lets say there are 14.5 repair hours and 2.5 refinish hours 14.5 + 2.5 = 17.0 / 4 = 4.25 rounded nets 4 repair days.

Once your vehicle comes into the Collision Repair shop it is torn down “disassembled”
once apart the estimate and damage on the vehicle are reinspected and any additional damage will be added to the estimate, this is called creating a supplement.

Once the supplement is complete any additional parts needed are ordered and the repair time is recalculated based on the additional labor found on the supplement and a new tentative completion date is calculated.

At this point the customer and the Insurance company are notified to inform them of the supplement and the new tentative scheduled completion date.
Keep in mind in many cases the shop will need to wait for approval from the insurance company before continuing repairs.

Why is this date Tentative?
Lets go over some of the variables involved in collision repair.
First lets look at the document detailing your repairs, this is called an “estimate” not an “exactimate”.
Repairing a vehicle is not like baking a cake or a loaf of bread.
When baking, you mix the same pre-measured ingredients every time and bake for a specific amount of time at a given temperature.
Lets imagine for a moment you have 20 cakes to bake, each recipe is a little different (just like cars), you have 5 ovens to use each of which vary in their temperature consistency, and 10 different cake pans that may require a temperature adjustment to achieve optimal results.
This scenario barely holds a candle when compared to collision repair.

There are many variables that are not covered in this “
Standard repair process”
and I will go over them later in this post.

April 8 2011
As an example, earlier this week we had ordered a couple emblems for an Impala SS, what we received was  one emblem and……” a step pad for a pickup truck?’

Needless to say if this were a rush situation this would be a problem, but one $17.00 part added one day to the delivery date.

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